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Saturday, March 11, 2000, updated at 10:49(GMT+8)


Beijing Gives Microsoft March 20 Go Ahead For WIN2K

Following China's concerns over the encryption technology of Microsoft's Chinese-language version of Windows 2000 OS (operating system), the Chinese Government has approved the sale of this software within its borders, the March 10 Jisuanji Shijie (Computerworld China) reported.

On March 8, Michael Rawding, Regional Director of Greater China, announced that China's Ministry of Information Industry and the National Security Codes Regulatory Commission gave their approval to Windows 2000 OS, according to the newspaper. He added that Windows 2000 will go on sale in China starting March 20.

Some of Windows 2000's encryption technologies earlier this year attracted the attention of the Chinese public, the newspaper reported. New Chinese regulations that took effect in January said companies and individuals must register their encoded products with the government and apply for permission to use them.

Microsoft's Windows 2000 OS contains 128-bit encryption technology, so many other companies waited for the outcome of the software giant's application to the government before seeking approval for their own encryption technologies, the newspaper reported. The newspaper noted that Microsoft seems to have convinced the Chinese Government that its encryption technology contains nothing about which the government should be concerned.

According to the newspaper, the government approved Windows 2000 after Microsoft officials met with their government counterparts and explained that the software's encryption technology is not a specific encoding tool but rather a program used to support practical functions such as e-commerce.

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