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Tuesday, March 07, 2000, updated at 13:34(GMT+8)


Large Sum Invested for Protection of Culture Heritage of Jokhang Temple

In order to solicit listing the Jokhang Temple in Tibet into the UNESCO World Culture Heritage, a large-scale renovation and relocation work is now under way to beautify the environment.

At present, in the protection area of the Jokhang Temple ranging from Grade One to Three a total of 523 built-ups (households) are not up to the standard of a normal building. They are now being dismantled in an orderly way and so far, 80% of them has been completed.

To reduce the economic losses of dwellers, the central government, local governments of Tibet and of Lhasa have allocated 5000 yuan for the pulling down.

Experts from the UNESCO World Culture Heritage Commission who made an inspection on the Jokhang Temple from March 3 to 5 had a high opinion of the assiduous and minute work done in Tibet for enlisting it into the World Culture Heritage.

Having a history of 1000 years the Jokhang Temple is just opposite the Potala Palace. It is a major religious site for the Tibetan people and was listed as a cultural unit under national protection in 1961.

As reported the Jokhang Temple for bidding on the World Cultural Heritage covers an area totaling 7.5 hectares, which include part of the Lhasa ancient city, and only those rendered in protection area Grade One come up to over 100 cultural and historical sites.

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