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Friday, February 25, 2000, updated at 14:51(GMT+8)


China's U.S. Ambassador Reiterates Taiwan Policy

Chinese Ambassador Li Zhaoxing said the Taiwan issue involves China's sovereignty and territorial integrity. He reiterated that the island is an inseparable part of the country. The Ambassador said Beijing was committed to continuing its efforts to achieve national reunification through peaceful means under the "One country, two systems" formula.

Ambassador Li was speaking after the release on Monday of the government's White Paper on Taiwan. Li noted the reaction of some US politicians, who have criticised the White Paper as a possible source of tension across the Taiwan Straits.

The ambassador noted that these criticisms were based on the logic of hegemony and confused right and wrong. Li Zhaoxing said any tension in the region could only result from foreign powers supporting independence for Taiwan.

Some 60 congressional aides attended the reception. Also on Wednesday, a spokesman from the Chinese embassy in Washington told a news conference that the United States should not interfere in China's internal affairs.

Yu Shuning,Chinese Embassy Spokesman in Washington said: "There's no reason for concern on the US side. What US government should do is stop interfering in China's internal affairs by stopping selling arms to Taiwan and by preventing the Taiwan Security Enhancement Act from becoming law."

Yu Shuning reiterated the possibility of the use of force against Taiwan if it kept on putting off reunification talks.

Yu Said: "If Taiwan refuses to talk, the Chinese government will be forced to take drastic action, including the use of force."

In China, people have been demonstrating their support for the White Paper. They say that reunification with the mainland is the only choice for Taiwan.

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