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Friday, February 25, 2000, updated at 08:48(GMT+8)


Reunification With Motherland, Only Way Out For Taiwan: Diplomat

Reunification with the motherland is the only way out for Taiwan, and any other forms such as the "Two States" doctrine, changing Taiwan's status by referendum or "Two German states formula" are intolerable, a senior Chinese diplomat said in Washington Wednesday.

China's White Paper on Taiwan was issued at a time when separatists in Taiwan stepped up their attempt to separate the island from mainland China and certain elements in the U.S. made effort to interfere in the Taiwan issue, Yu Shuning, spokesman of the Chinese embassy in the United States, told a press conference.

The White Paper, issued by the Taiwan Affairs Office and the Information Office of the State Council on February 21, showed to the world the Chinese government's sincerity to seek the settlement of the Taiwan issue through peaceful means and the resolution of the Chinese people to reunite the country, Yu said.

"The document reaffirmed the Chinese government's basic principle in settling the Taiwan issue, that is peaceful reunification and 'One Country, Two Systems," Yu said.

"The Chinese government has shown great flexibility in the across-Straits talks within the framework of One China, anything can be discussed in the coming negotiations," he said. "The talks will be conducted on an equal footing." But he did not tell when the talks will be resumed.

The spokesman urged the United States to honor its solemn commitment to the Chinese people on the Taiwan question and stop interfering in China's internal affairs by refraining from selling advanced weapons to Taiwan and preventing the Taiwan Security Enhancement Act from becoming law.

Yu Shuning reiterated that the Taiwan Security Enhancement Act, if adopted and signed into law, will bring about "very serious consequences" to China-U.S. relations.

The Taiwan issue is left by civil war, China has the right to settle the issue without foreign interference, he said.

"It is entirely China's internal affairs, we will not tolerate foreign interference, including the United States," Yu said.

Yu Shuning said China is determined to safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity. "China would never compromise on sovereignty issues," he said.

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