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Xinhua Commentary on Political Nature of Falun Gong

����Xinhua News Agency, China's largest official news organization, Sunday published a commentary titled, "Getting a Thorough Grasp of the Political Nature of Falun Gong".

����Learning the political nature of Falun Gong, an illegal organization under the control of Li Hongzhi, will help people understand that the fight against Falun Gong cult is a serious ideological and political struggle, according to the commentary.

����Falun Gong is a political force opposed to the Communist Party of China and the central government. It preaches idealism, theism and feudal superstition. It established stations at all levels to form a highly-organized illegal system, and even penetrated some important Party and government organizations, the commentary says.

����Li Hongzhi and Falun Gong under his control instigated its practitioners to besiege and attack press organizations and Party and government institutions and organized large-scale illegal gatherings to put pressure on the Party and government, and even gathered more than 10,000 Falun Gong practitioners around the Zhongnanhai compound on April 25, where the headquarters of the Party and government organizations are located. These facts show the political nature of Falun Gong, which is unconstitutional, anti-government and anti-society.

����Falun Gong cult tried to persuade people to give up their ideals and pursuits, and eschew social practice, which militates against the building of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the commentary says.

����A clear line of demarcation needs to be drawn between the ordinary practitioners and the core organizers and propagandists of Falun Gong; between ordinary core members and the small number of behind-the-scenes plotters and organizers who harbor political intentions; between those people who have realized their mistakes and wish to correct them, and the diehards; and between those who did wrong before the central authorities' ban, and those who did so afterwards, the commentary points out.

����The majority of Falun Gong practitioners who have broken away from the illegal organizations should be reunited with society and educated, the commentary says. (Xinhua)

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