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International Forum: Four-Party Talk Enters Substantive Stage

  The Fourth Session of Four-Party Talk concluded in Geneva last week has officially started up two sub-committees for reducing tension and establishing a peace regime on the Korean Peninsula, which are the key to solving the Korean issue and mark the entry of Four-Party Talk into a substantive stage.

  Northeast Asia has been in a tense state and become a hot spot of the world in the past 50 years, due to the confrontation between the north and south of the Korea Peninsula. The situation has become more complex because of some countries' unfair, non-objective and unrealistic attitudes toward the Korea issue.

  The situation has been eased to some extent since the end of the Cold War, because related nations in the region have improved their relations and the DPRK and the ROK joined the United Nations simultaneously.

  In recent years, related sides have been making efforts to further ease the tension in this region, such as the Four-Party Talk, which mean positive attitudes helpful for solving the Korea Peninsula question and therefore should be retained.

  Last August, the DPRK launched a man-made satellite and the Western media made misleading reports on this matter. The Japanese government took this opportunity and pledged to join in the US-led Theatre Missile Defense (TMD) system, which received strong reaction from the DPRK and intensified the Northeast Asian situation.

  The US-led TMD system runs counter to the trend of peace and development and is not in the fundamental interests of the people in this region.

  All sides related to the Korea Peninsula issue should take positive measures instead of taking advantage of the opportunity to expand military equipment and seek military advantage, otherwise the confrontation will become more acute.

  In the DPRK-US negotiation following the Four-Party Talk, the stand of the two sides relaxes somewhat. Japanese Prime Minister also expressed the hope of improving its relations with the DPRK. These will help ease the once tense situation in Northeast Asia since last August.

  The Korean Peninsula issue is very complicated and divergence between all sides concerned is serious. For example, in this Four-Party Talk, there are violent confrontations on the issue of US troops stationed in the ROK and military transparency.

  Nevertheless, if the talks continue and the related sides show flexibility and seek common grounds while reserving difference, the situation of the Korea Peninsula will tend to be relaxed.

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