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China asks Macedonia to rethink recognition

  The Chinese government has lodged serious representations to the Macedonian government on the forging of the so-called "diplomatic relations" between Taiwan and Macedonia, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zhang Qiyue said on January 28 at a routine press conference.

  "Macedonian President Kiro Gligorov has issued a statement, expressing shock and surprise at the formation of the 'diplomatic ties' between Taiwan and Macedonia," said the spokeswoman.

  "The president also reiterated the stand that the government of the People's Republic of China is the sole legal government of China and Taiwan is an inalienable part of China," noted the spokeswoman.

  She added that China hopes that the Macedonian government will proceed from the fundamental interests of its people and the overall situation of its relationship with China, and make a "wise decision" not to recognize the validity of the communique on establishing the so-called "diplomatic relations" with Taiwan.

  Zhang said this when commenting on the communique signed in Taipei Wednesday by Macedonian Foreign Minister Aleksandar Dimitrov and the so-called Taiwan "Foreign Minister" Jason Hu.

  As it is widely acknowledged that the issue of Taiwan is related to China's sovereignty, territorial integrity and its national reunification, said the spokeswoman.

  "We firmly oppose any country that has established diplomatic relations with China having any official contacts with Taiwan," said Zhang.

  When asked about China's stand on its reunification, Zhang said that it has been a sacred task for the Chinese people on both sides of the Taiwan Straits to achieve reunification of the motherland and jointly invigorate the Chinese nation.

  "This is in the fundamental interests of the entire Chinese nation. There is not any change in the policy of the Chinese government on this issue," she stressed.

  The idea of "two Chinas" or "one China, one Taiwan" which Taiwan authorities have spread in the international community has sabotaged the cause of the reunification of the motherland. It has also impaired the fundamental interests of the Chinese nation. So it is doomed to failure, the spokeswoman added.

  She also warned Taiwan authorities not to do anything harmful to the interests of Chinese nation.

  Touching upon Sino-Indian relations, she said that the 11th round of talks of the Joint Working Group on Sino-Indian Borders will be held at a proper time after both sides reach an agreement.

  According to Zhang, Indian Foreign Minister Jaswant Singh has expressed, many times recently, the wish to make further efforts to improve India's relations with China. China welcomes this, said Zhang.

  "China hopes that India will continue to make substantive efforts to promote the bilateral ties to the normal track of development," said the spokeswoman. "This accords with the fundamental interests and the common wish of the people of both countries. It is also beneficial to regional peace and stability," Zhang added.

  On China's policy toward Africa, Zhang said that China will, as always, render assistance to African countries as far as it could, as well as economic aid with no political conditions attached.

  China hopes to develop economic and trade cooperation with African nations on the basis of the principle of equality and mutual-benefit, with a view to seeking common development, she said.

  Enhancing and developing friendship and cooperative ties with all developing countries, including African countries, has always been an important component of China's independent foreign policy of peace, she stressed.

  She added that China is willing to strengthen coordination and consultation with African nations concerning international affairs, and to join African nations in safeguarding the legitimate rights of developing countries.

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