The Shangdang Campaign was fought over an area centred on Changzhi County (now a city), in Shangdang Prefecture in southeast Shanxi Province. In mid-August 1945, with the support of Japanese and puppet troops, Yan Xishan concentrated 13 KMT divisions from Linfen, Fushan, Yicheng and Yuci counties and Taiyuan to attack Xiangyuan, Tunliu, Changzhi, Lucheng and other counties in the Southeast Shanxi Liberated Area. Starting on September 10, the army and the people in the liberated area, commanded by Liu Bocheng and Deng Xiaoping, fought back. As a result, they wiped out more than 35,000 KMT troops, including 11 divisions and an advance column, and captured Shi Zebo, who was a corps commander, and several division commanders.