In 1975, when Deng Xiaoping was in charge of the day-to-day work of the Central Committee and the government, he was faced with the urgent tasks of bringing about stability and unity and reviving the economy. Because the "cultural revolution" had brought chaos to every field of endeavour, he adopted a series of measures to restore order. As a result, railway transportation quickly improved, the decline in industrial production was halted, the situation in agriculture took a sharp turn for the better and the army was strengthened. Progress was also made in the fields that had suffered most harm during the "cultural revolution": science and technology, culture and education. At the end of 1975 Mao Zedong, who could not tolerate Deng's systematic correction of the mistakes of the "cultural revolution", launched a "movement to criticize Deng and counter the Right deviationist tendency to reverse correct verdicts". He suspended the implementation of the measures Deng had introduced, plunging all fields into chaos again.