The Seventh National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party was held in Yan'an from April 23 to June 11, 1945. Mao Zedong made a political report entitled "On Coalition Government", Zhu De delivered a military report entitled "The Battle Front of the Liberated Areas", Liu Shaoqi presented a "Report on the Revision of the Party Constitution" and Zhou Enlai made an important speech entitled "On the United Front". The Congress decided that the line of the Party would be "to boldly mobilize the masses and expand the people's forces so that, under the leadership of our Party, they will defeat the Japanese aggressors, liberate the whole people and build a new-democratic China". The Congress also adopted a new Party Constitution and elected a new Central Committee. The new Constitution defined Mao Zedong Thought -- the integration of the theory of Marxism-Leninism with the practice of the Chinese revolution -- as the guide for all work of the Chinese Communist Party. The participants in the Congress were united and the Congress was a success, laying the foundation for nationwide victory in the new-democratic revolution.