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Republic of Turkey

Capital: Ankara

Government Type Parliamentary Democracy

Characteristics of the Republic The Republic of Turkey is a democratic, secular and social state governed by the rule of law.

Location Turkey is located at the intersection point of Asia and Europe. It is surrounded by the Mediterranean, the Aegean, the Marmara and the Black Seas. It has borders with Georgia, Armenia and Iran to the east, Bulgaria and Greece to the west, and Iraq and Syria to the south. The length of the land borders is 2875 kilometers.

Area: 814.578 sq. km

Climate: Temperate; it is possible to enjoy the four seasons and different climates. In the Mediterranean, Aegean and southern Marmara regions, the Mediterranean climate prevails with its hot and dry summers and mild and rainy winters. A more moderate and rainy climate predominates in the Black Sea region. In the central regions, a continental climate is observed, with dry and hot summers and cold and snowy winters. In Eastern Anatolia summers are cool, winters are very cold and snowy. In Southeastern Anatolia, summers are hot and dry, winters are mild.

Terrain: Turkey is a mountainous country with an average altitude of 1132 meters. The mountain range in the north and south are separated by large plains in Central Anatolia. The coastline is 8333 kilometers long.

Population 67,844,000 (October 2000 census)

Religion Almost 99% of the population of Turkey is Muslim, and the rest consists of Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, Assyrian and Jewish.

Language The official language, which is spoken by 90% of the population, is Turkish. The remaining 10% also speaks different languages and dialects.

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