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Hubei Province

Location: Located in the central part of China .

Area: 185,900 sq km

Climate: Hubei has a sub-tropical monsoonal climate, with distinct contrast between the eastern plain and the western mountainous area. It has a mean annual temperature of 15㣭17C. and sticky weather in the height of summer. With its absolute maximum temperature exceeding 40C, Wuhan is one of the hottest places in China. The mean annual precipitation increases from 800 mm in the northwest to 1,500 mm or more in the southeast.

provincial capital: Wuhan

Population: 56.54 millions (March 2001)

Ethnic groups: Han, Tujia, Hui, Miao, and Mongol

Agriculture: As far as crop planting is concerned, Hubei ranks among the best in China. The outputs of grain production, cash and other crops occupy very important positions nationwide, abounding in producing rice, cotton, wheat, maize, and edible oil. Hubei also teems with cash crops as tea, natural silk, tobacco and fruit.

Industry: Hubei is rich in mineral resources. Out of the over 110 kinds of minerals found in Hubei, iron, copper, phosphorus, gypsum and rock salt occupy an important position nationwide, and the reserves of several minerals rank the first place in China such as phosphate rock, rutile, garnet, lime sulphur rock, idobromine and borax . The white fibre gypsum is of high grade. Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture is rich in selenium resources rarely seen all over the world, with broad prospect for exploitation.

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