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Henan Province

Location: Locating in the middle east of China

Area: 167,000

Climate: Henan has the temperate climate advantages of both the south and the north with annual average temperature of 13ˇăc- 15ˇăc.

provincial capital: Zhengzhou

Population: 92.56 millions (March 2001)

Ethnic groups: There are mainly nationalities of Han, Hui, Mongolia and Manchu.

Agriculture: Henan is a big agricultural province, rural economy develops overally. In 1998 the total yields of grain of Henan was as high as 39.45 million tons with an increase of 1.3% than the previous year, which was an all-time high and ranked the first in the whole country. Animal husbandry have increased steadily. In 1998, the total output of meat reached 4,550,000 tons with an increase of 12.9% than the previous year. Conditions of agricultural production have been greatly improved. Henan has initially formed agricultural complex of co-development of planting, breeding, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery.

Industry: Relying on abundant resources of agricultural and by-products and minerals, Henan Province has formed much complete industry system including textile, light industry, food, coal, oil, power, metallurgy, chemistry, building material, machinery and electron. In 1998 the added industrial value of Henan Province was 172,000 million yuan with an increase of 8.8% than previous year, including 5.4% in light industry, 10.1% in heavy industry. There are 1100 and more large and middle-sized industrial enterprises in the province and many backbone enterprises hold the very important positions in the whole nation.

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