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Gansu Province

Location: Northwest China Province on the upper reaches of the Yellow River .

Area: 455, 000 sq km

Climate: Gansu has a temperate monsoon climate with the marked transitional characteristics of a continental climate. It has an annual temperature of 0бугн15буC, with great difference between north and south, and an annual precipitation of 50-800 mm, decreasing from southeast to northwest.

provincial capital: Lanzhou

Population: 24.67 millions (March 2001)

Ethnic groups: Han, Hui, Tibetan, Mongol and eight other ethnic groups.

Major Cities: Dunhuang; Jiayuguan; Jiayuguan

Agriculture: The grassland in Gansu Province is the fifth biggest in China. Growing in the Loess Highland are mostly wheat, maize, millet, cotton and linseed. The area around Lanzhou is a melon and fruit producer famous for its Bailan melons. Its main livestock includes pigs, sheep, cattle and horses.

Industry: Gansu has more than 60 types of minerals, the best-known being nickel, copper, lead and zinc. Jinchang is the country's leading nickel producer. Iron, Chromium, tungsten, mercury, and antimony are found in a number of areas. Yumen and Changqing are sizable oilfields. The province is also rich in coal, troilite, cement, limestone, gypsum, mirabilite and fluorite.

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