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Shanghai Municipality

Location: The City of Shanghai lies on the western coast of the Pacific Ocean and at the central section of the north-south coastline of China.

Area: 6,3405 square kilometers

Climate: Shanghai belongs to the North Asia hot monsoon climate, with four distinctive seasons. The city has sufficient sunshine and rainfall.

provincial capital: Shanghai

Population: 16.74 millions (March 2001)

Ethnic groups: The permanent residents of Shanghai come from China's 44 ethnic groups. The han nationality accounts for 99.53% of the total. The most of them are from Hui, Man, and Mongolian nationalities,zhuang.

Agriculture: The suburban area of Shanghai is located at the southern end of northern subtropical zone.The soil is fertile and there are 333,000 hectares of arable land. Crops grown include rice, wheat, cotton, oil bearing seeds and vegetables.As far as the yield per unit for staple crops is concerned, Shanghai ranks among the highest in the country.Animal husbandry in the suburbs has developed rapidly,the major components being the pigs ,poultry and milk cow.Native produce such as mushroom ,garlic ,rabbit hair ,frozen fowl, living pig, instant -frozen vegetable,whitebait and crab-fry sell well on overseas markets.

Industry: Shanghai's large and highly skilled work force, broadly based scientific establishment, tradition of producer cooperation, and excellent transportation and communications facilities have all contributed to the city's stature as the leading industrial centre in China. This industrial establishment produces a great variety of capital and consumer goods, including specialized dies, lathes, electronic assembly equipment, watches, cameras, radios, fountain pens, glassware, leather goods, stationery products, and hardware. The city's well-established chemical and petrochemical industries serve as a basis for the production of plastics, synthetic fibres, and other products. Textile manufacturing is also significant.

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