Xiang Huaicheng

Xiang Huaicheng (1939- ), native of Wujiang, Jiangsu Province.

Minister of Finance.

Graduated from Chinese Department of Shandong University, 1960. Joined CPC, 1983.

Served as assistant researcher of Institute of Computing Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1960-1962; deputy section chief of Budgeting Department, deputy division chief, and deputy director of Comprehensive Planning Department, of Ministry of Finance, 1962-1986.

Served as vice minister of Finance, 1986-1994.

Made deputy head of Leading Group for Three Gorges Project Resettlement Work of State Council, 1992; deputy head of Leading Group in Charge of Aid-the-Poor Projects under State Council, 1993.

Served as deputy director of State Administration of Taxation, 1994-1998.

Appointed Minister of Finance in March 1998; became member of State Steering Group of Science, Technology and Education, 1998.

Elected member of 15th CPC Central Committee, 1997.