Cao Zhi

Cao Zhi (1928- ),native of Anqiu, Shandong Province.

Vice chairman of 9th NPC Standing Committee.

Joined CPC, 1947. Served as director of Acheng News Report, 1947-1948; secretary of CPC District Committee, 1948-1949; and deputy head and head of Propaganda Department, of CPC Acheng County Committee, Songjiang Province, 1949-1951.

Served as deputy section chief and deputy division chief of Propaganda Department of CPC Songjiang Provincial Committee, 1952-1953; division chief of Propaganda Department, 1953-1960, deputy director of General Office, 1960-1966, of CPC Heilongjiang Provincial Committee; deputy secretary of CPC Hejiang Prefectural Committee, Heilongjiang Province, 1966-1970; vice-chairman of Heilongjiang Provincial Revolutionary Committee, 1970-1977.

From 1977-1978, became a leading member of State Planning Committee; head of Research Office of CPC Central Committee, 1978-1983; deputy head of Organization Department of CPC Central Committee, 1983-1987; deputy head of Research Office under Secretariat of CPC Central Committee, 1987-1988.

Served as deputy secretary-general, 1988, and secretary-general, 1993-1998, of 7th and 8th NPC Standing Committees.

Served as vice president of Central Committee for Comprehensive management of Public Security.

Delegate to 14th and 15th CPC National Congresses.

Standing Committee member of 7th NPC; deputy to 8th and 9th NPC.

Elected vice chairman of 9th NPC Standing Committee, 1998.

Attended the Hong Kong handover ceremony as member of the Chinese Government Delegation, 1997.