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The Central Military Commission

Chairman: Hu Jintao

Vice-Chairmen: Guo Boxiong    Cao Gangchuan    Xu Caihou   

Other CMC Members: Liang Guanglie    Li Jinai Liao Xilong   

    Chen  Bingde     Qiao  Qingchen    Zhang  Dingfa    Jing  Zhiyuan

The Central Military Commission is the supreme leading organ of the armed forces of the People's Republic of China. It directs and commands the national armed forces.

The chairman of the Central Military Commission is elected by the NPC, and the selection of other members are decided by the NPC and its Standing Committee on the basis of the nomination by the chairman. The State Central Military Commission follows the system of Chairman responsibility in work, while the Chair man is responsible to the NPC and has the right to make final decisions on affairs within its functions and powers.

Under the leadership of the Central Military Commission, the Chinese army has been reformed, streamlined and reorganized in recent years. Now a 3 million strong armed force is heading towards normalization and modernization, becoming an important force devoted to safeguarding national sovereignty, territorial integrity and world peace.

In February 1997, a formation of three Chinese naval vessels two destroyers, the PLA(N) Harbin and the PLA(N) Zhuhai and an oiler, the PLA(N) Nancang crossed the Pacific, visiting two American Naval bases, one in Hawaii and the other in San Diego. The naval ships continued south to visit the naval bases of Mexico and Peru.

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