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Shanghai will hold a grand opening ceremony for the Expo 2010 on May 1st. It is the fist time in expo's history. Do you think it is nessesary?
Someone said the expo is a waste of money. we should make use of those money using in pavillions to help the poor people.

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Editor's note:Do you have something to express on Shanghai Expo? Do you want to take a dialogue with the expo organizers? Do you have any suggestions on your country's expo show? Write down your suggestions or ideas. Maybe you will get the replies from them.

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Latest suggestions

  • The ticket"s price is high, and vist"s time very short.
  • a kind of luxury !Just for the rich and ignore the poor !that is what we are living in
  • I am an old man.I can"t visit expo personally.eager to see some exhibits andsome highlights onl...
  • OK!
  • I am a folk artist, would the expo organizers provide some places for us to perform?
  • Can the organizers relese some postcards to introduce their pavillions?

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