China dismayed by further EU probe
China is disappointed the European Union has decided to launch an anti-subsidy investigation into imported Chinese coated paper, Ministry of Commerce spokesman Yao Jian said.
He said the coated paper probe is the EU's first anti-subsidy investigation into Chinese products.
Important partners, frequent disputes
·China levies anti-dumping tariffs on US and Russian electric steel
China's Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) announced today on its Web site that it has imposed anti-dumping tariffs on grain oriented flat-rolled electric steel (GOFES) imported from the United States and Russia starting from April 11.
·U.S. rejects charge of putting up trade walls
A senior U.S. official on Saturday rejected charges that the country was protectionist on matters relating to trade, saying instead that Beijing and Washington were working together to help the global economy recover.
·Soybean imports to be restricted
China is expected to curb imports from one of its largest soybean suppliers, Argentina, in a bid to save the domestic soybean industry, trade representatives from a meeting with the government said Wednesday.
·China dissatisfied with U.S. duties on Chinese salts, coated paper
China's Ministry of Commerce spokesman Yao Jian said Friday the U.S. decision to impose preliminary duties on Chinese potassium phosphate salts and coated paper was unfair and discriminatory.
·U.S. imposes preliminary anti-dumping duties on Chinese carbon bricks
The U.S. Commerce Department said Thursday that it would slap preliminary anti-dumping duties on imported magnesia carbon brick from China, the latest move that adds tension to the trade relations between the two countries.
·Chinese shoemaker coalition supports nation's WTO action against EU shoe levy
A business coalition made up of more than 100 Chinese shoemakers, material and machinery providers, issued a statement here Wednesday voicing support for China's decision to launch action in the WTO against EU duties on Chinese shoes.
·US, China swap more tariffs
China and the United States cranked up the tension Friday as they exchanged new tariffs, underscoring the increasing sensitivity and fragility of the world's most significant bilateral relations, which have been strained in recent weeks.
·Backgrounder: Recent major trade disputes between China and the U.S.
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said Saturday that trade disputes between China and the United States must be solved via "equal negotiations" rather than sanctions.
Is protectionism still haunting?
Protectionism 'under control'
Romano Prodi, former Italian Prime Minister and former European Union (EU) President, sat for an exclusive interview with the Global Times (GT) Thursday in Shanghai. He shared his insights on trade conflicts, Chinese currency policy and the country's economic growth strategy.
Protectionism warned as threat to fragile global recovery at pan-Asian forum
World politicians and entrepreneurs attending the annual Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) Saturday called to prevent trade protectionism from posing a real threat to the fragile global economic recovery.
Experts warn of impacts from trade protectionism
Developing nations will probably feel mounting trade protectionism in 2010 due to continuing high levels of unemployment and the weak economic recovery in developed regions, said analysts.
WTO sees no tsunami of trade protectionism after financial crisis
The financial crisis has not provoked a tsunami of trade protectionism as many economists feared, World Trade Organiztion (WTO) spokesman Keith Rockwell said on Wednesday.
China's exports benefit people around the world
Workers at Ningbo Rifeng Electric Appliance Company have been working extra hours in recent days.
China brings more economic opportunities to world
It is a foregone conclusion that China has overtaken Germany as the world's top exporter, judging from the current statistics available. The nation has outstripped Germany in term of monthly export volume since April last year. Its exports from January to October 2009 reached 957.4 billion US dollars as indicated by China's released customs figures, while the Global Trade Information Service Inc. showed German exports during the same 2009 period as amounting to 917.7 billion dollars.