China seeks to keep iron ore long co-pricing mechanism 
China hopes to maintain the current iron ore long co-pricing negotiation mechanism and to keep the iron ore prices at a reasonable level, said Jia Yinsong, an official with China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) March 23.
Jia said that the current mechanism will benefit all parties in the long run. "We oppose any forms of monopoly not in line with the market rule."
Massive ore price hike
Baosteel on ore prices
Iron ore supplies are tight and the existing term pricing system for iron ore is not suitable for either the steelmaking or iron ore businesses, the chairman of China's Baosteel said Thursday.
Rio Tinto, Vale seek flexibility
Global mining giants Rio Tinto and Vale have thrown their weight behind calls for more flexible iron ore pricing.
Vale may quit iron ore pricing negotiation with China
The iron ore pricing negotiation is at a tough time, as ore spot price keeps rising.
Steelmakers want govt in ore talks
A number of major Chinese steelmakers have asked Premier Wen Jiabao to direct the government to tackle iron ore price negotiations, the official China Securities Journal said Saturday.
Steel mills head home for ore stocks
Surging spot prices of iron ore are forcing steel mills to look for more domestic supplies, something that would also reduce their dependence on costly imports, industry insiders said.
Steelmakers yet to reach price deal with global ore firms
Major Chinese steel mills have not reached an interim price deal with BHP Billiton Ltd as reported by foreign media earlier this month, a sign that Chinese steelmakers will consolidate their efforts in upcoming benchmark iron ore price negotiations.
High spot iron ore prices baffle steel firms
Iron ore spot prices reached a record high this week, triggered by moves from global mining firms to enhance their position in ongoing negotiations, industry insiders said.
Domestic ore deposits more preferable
CISA: Tough year ahead for steel market
China's domestic steel market, suffering from oversupply, will see a series of reforms soon to address deep-rooted problems such as disorderly imports, according to a vice-chairman of the China Iron and Steel Association, which is currently leading the country's annual price negotiations with the world's top three iron ore miners.
Ministry: China's dependence on foreign iron risky
China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) warned that China's soaring demand for iron ore is causing a greater reliance on imports. Last year, China purchased nearly 70 percent of its iron ore overseas, a 13 percent increase from 2008, and the import share of world iron ore trade has been amount to 75 percent.
China uncovers iron ore reserves of 5 billion tons
The Ministry of Land and Resources (MLR) said nearly 5 billion tons of iron ore were found in China last year, and experts said the findings would put the country in a favorable position in international iron ore contract negotiations.
China to eliminate backward industrial capacity in the steel industry
China's central government has rolled out an ambitious plan to wipe out overcapacity and backward productivity as part of its efforts to ensure a more sustainable and greener growth with higher added value.
Minister: no new iron and steel projects within three years
Li Yizhong, minister for the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) revealed on August 13 that MIIT is currently drafting a guide to mergers and acquisitions in the iron and steel industry. He also called for a stop to new iron and steel projects within three years.
Last year's negotiation
Iron ore talks get off to a bad start
QINGDAO: The debate over the next year's iron ore benchmark prices has got off to an acrimonious start with China seeking to separate its negotiations from other countries while global giant miners refuse to budge downwards on prices.
China has edge in iron ore price talks?
A global iron ore oversupply coupled with massive stockpiles in China's own iron ore market will drastically increase the odds of Chinese steel mills in securing more cuts in ore price negotiation with world suppliers.
Ore: the "greatest pain" for China steel industry
The iron ore negotiations which last up to half a year are full of twists and turns. A harsh reality is that, despite the decline in steel demand, production overcapacity in China and many other factors which seem to be good for the buyer in iron ore negotiations, China's iron and steel industry is still at a disadvantageous position in the negotiations of ore prices.