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Special reports
On the 4th China-ASEAN Media Co-op Seminar
  • ·Time, veneue: March 23-25, 2010, Beijing, China
    ·Theme: The Development of New Media
    —I.The Current Development of News Website and its Trend
    —II.Applications of New Media Technology
ASEAN representatives to address conference
  • ·Ms. Lee Joo Tiang, Linda Assistant Director, ASEAN Secretariat / ·Ms. Hajah Noorashidah binti Haji Aliomar Information Officer, Information Department, Prime Minister's Office, Brunei /· Mr. Thou Peou Advisor to Ministry of Information and Deputy Director of Foreign News Department, Agence Kampuchea Presse, Cambodia /· Dr. Ari Santoso Head of Central Data, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Indonesia / ·Mr. Boualaphanh Thanphilom Editor in Chief, Pasaxon Newspaper, Ministry of Information and Culture, Lao DPR / ·Mr. Ibrahim bin Abdul Rahman Under Secretary, Information Analysis and Management Division, Ministry of Information Communication and Culture, Malaysia /· Mr. Than Htun Director, Information and Public Relations Department, Ministry of Information, Myanmar more>>

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