Wen: Control inflation No 1 job this year

Premier Wen Jiabao said Beijing has put controlling inflation at the fore front of his government's agenda, and will try all means at its disposal to cool down price rises.Chinese Premier meets the press

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  • Dear Mr Wen. When would you visit Finland? How would you make it easier for foreign professionals immigrate to China?
  • China can keep growing and improving people life only if it does not destroy its environment.
  • Dear Mr. Prime Minister,according with the goverment perspective of GDP development in function of environmental safeguard it is possible, setup law enforcement to oblige foreign firms producing in China to respect the Kyoto Protocol?BEST REGARDSSciarria P Stefano
  • nothing so far
  • Political reform for China people is China"s next hurdle to success.
  • I am a teacher,but my salary is low and hard to meet my families"need.Our goverment should improve our socail benefits!
  • I don"t think any of those activities has improved China"s Image. What I care is when can we have the blue sky back. That"ll be the only reason I leave China, if I can.
  • Patient. Sometimes it takes life time to dream.
  • When will we get democracy in China?
  • What plans are there to reduce the hunger for electricity in order to ensure that there will be enough low CO2 electricity for the upcoming electric vehicles?
  • Do you plan to provide Chinese citizens with social security and health coverage?
  • I am looking forward to see how strongly our government chang resent difficulties
  • do you really care what the people think?
  • Chinese Premier
  • How to stablize or even reduce the housing price ? How to avoid the higher inflation of RMB ?
  • Honourable Premier Minister Wen Jiabao, please allow me to ask the following question. Would democracy be suitable for China and the Chinese society, please ?
  • How would u make sure the govt benefits are directed to the intended beneficiary 100% without bureaucratic depletion?
  • Can my Australian Mandarin language learning Daughters ever be able to join the Communist Party of China ?
  • Please make a vigorous effort and put all resources to clean up China"s cancer villages, within 3 years. They are living in the hell of the world. Please take a pity on them. Thanks
  • Please narrow the gap between the rich and the poor. Let the ordinary citizens enjoy the economic success of the nation.


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