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China's central government vowed to advance political reform "vigorously but steadily" in the coming years, while targeting major breakthroughs in the country's industrial regrouping and modernization.
Full text of the Communique of the Fifth Plenum of the 17th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), which was passed on Oct. 18
Fifth Plenary Session of 17th CPC Central Committee
  • ·The 17th Central Committee of the Communist 
    Party of China (CPC) opened its fifth plenary session 
    in Beijing Friday to discuss the nation's next five-year
    development plan.
  • ·The four-day meeting will review proposals for the
    country's 12th five-year program (2011-2015) on 
    national economic and social development.
  • ·The period would be critical for building a 
    moderately prosperous society, the Political 
    Bureau of the CPC Central Committee 
    announced last month.
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11th Five-Year Program
Four-day meeting
  • ·The four-day meeting will review proposals for the country's 12th five-year program (2011-2015) on national economic and social development.
  • ·Analysts say the fifth plenary session, which ends Monday, is of great importance as committee members are expected to analyze domestic and international situations and set the guidelines, goals, tasks and key measures for the next five years.
  • ·They will also review China's economic and social development over the past five years.
  • ·A draft version of the proposals for the 12th five-year program has been offered to some delegates of the CPC's 17th National Congress and organizations outside the Party.
  • ·Sources with the CPC said the proposals, accumulated from throughout the Party and other organizations, would become a guideline document for China's continued reform and opening-up process as well as socialist modernization.