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Weibo helps Chinese express views


10:58, December 31, 2011

For the year 2011, there is one topic that must be mentioned, and that’s Weibo, or micro-blogs, the Chinese version of Twitter. It has become a way of life in China, especially for the young.

Our train bumped into something. Our carriage has fallen onto its side. Children are screaming. Come to help us please! Come fast!

This is the first message sent from a high-speed train that crashed on July 23rd in China’s Zhejiang province.

Not only a cry for help, it saved tens of lives. It also triggered a wave of unprecedented "citizen journalism" on China’s micro-blogs. Within ten hours, the message had been reposted over one-hundred-thousand times. Something the girl who wrote it never imagined.

Xiao Yang, a Weibo user, said, “I just wanted to survive at that moment, so I posted a message on Weibo. I didn’t know it would help us to be rescued so quickly."

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ming chu (in America) at 2012-01-0175.208.161.*
There are too many China specialists , and they all live in USA !.....when they start inventing new words "hedging strategy" to deal with China"s rise , and they say that China has a deficit in the "intellectual trade" with USA etc. etc....我不懂(translation: I DON"T UNDERSTAND).

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