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Li Na edges Kvitova to reach final: WTA Sydney International


09:56, January 13, 2012

Li Na was taking on world number two Petra Kvitova in the semi-final in Australia. Li was looking to defend her title in Sydney, but this match also held plenty of importance for her opponent. With a win, Kvitova would leapfrog Caroline Wozniacki to take over as world number one.

Li, greeted warmly by the Sydney fans as she took to the court, but her performance in the opening set was hardly championship worthy. The Czech Kvitova, rolling over the Chinese in the first - taking it 6-1.

Needing a change or perhaps a pep talk, Li would summon her husband and coach Jiang Shan, who passed along what he was seeing.

And whatever Jiang said seemed to work as Li began to find her game in the second set as she started to chase Kvitova around the court.

And luck also on Li’s side, she came out on the good side of a pair of key reviews in the second set leaving Kvitova to thrash her racket in anger.

And Li, would take the second 7-5 to set up a deciding third. And, in the third, Li would continue to press Kvitova and the world number two would collapse.

Li, taking the third 6-2 to advance to the final where she will take on Victoria Azarenka of Belarus in Friday’s final as she looks to defend her Sydney International title.


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