Special: Chinese white collars' peculiar life

12:45, September 28, 2009      

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Special: Chinese white collars' peculiar life
[Young Chinese office workers hit the street as vendors]

Thinking of a dark-skinned, coarse-handed Chinese street vendor in rags? Times have changed. While old-style vendors are still common, there are new ones.

At about 7 p.m., as the summer heat burned the Beijing Modern Plaza on the western side of the city, 27-year-old Zhang Yuan parked his car and pulled out a foldable clothes rack.

He then hung a full bag of T-shirts on the rack and started work as a street vendor. [enter]

Being a white collar street vendor: A new fashionable lifestyle

[White collar workers used to make others go green with envy]

China's newly emerging middle class <<

Wearing a neat dark blue suit with a gold-colored tie, he picks up a cup of cappuccino in his roughened hand, and sips...[more]

China's emerging middle class buyers set to push spending growth <<

China's emerging middle class buyers were set to generate significant spending growth in the coming years, as more and more people in not only first-tier cities like Shanghai and Beijing, but also the satellite towns and second-tier cities want to buy "affordable luxuries" ...[more]

Salary size set for white-collar jobs in China <<

So how much do you think someone has to make to be categorized a white-collar employee?[more]

[However, white collar force a laugh]

Do they really want to laugh?

Facing the Global Financial Crisis

White-collar workers want to be "last one out" in China

Young get thrifty in times of crisis <<

China's office workers are tightening their belts, cutting spending on everything from clothes to fast food, despite government efforts to boost consumption to stave off the worst effects of a global recession. [more]

Job loss linked to health: Study <<

A new study suggests people who are laid off are more prone to health problems like heart disease than those who are not.[more]

Mental Stress

Chinese white collars complain of work pressures <<

Young woman drug addicts on rise in Beijing <<

Ecomonic Burden

China Exclusive: White collar workers turn street peddlers in Chinese cities <<

Youth feel pressure of looking after aging parents <<

["Don't worry, we are happy"]

Midnight Love Club for urban youth

Group dating popular among white collar in China<<

Hu Liu blushed when a young man came up to ask for her phone number.

Dressed in a Chinese gown, with delicate makeup, Hu sat quietly in her chair, a little out of place in the bustling atmosphere inside the hall. [more]

China's urban office workers retrieve childhood joy on Children's Day<<

Retrieving their magic cubes from the dusty drawers and chanting the nursery rhymes they were taught in kindergarten decades ago, China's office workers joined the country's hundreds of millions of children in their celebration of the International Children's Day.[more]

Blogs popular among China's youngers, but many soon go blank<<

One in four Chinese Internet users has a blog, with the activity especially popular among students and young office staff.[more]

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