Hurry! Time to "steal vegetables"

12:24, September 28, 2009      

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Hurry! Time to "steal vegetables"
Don't be afraid! We are not encouraging the stealing behavior, but to tell you maybe the most popular topic from white-collars' mouth in cities.

Together with "How many vegetables do you steal today," "it's harvest time for your ripe peach," "I bought you a new car today."

Listening to all of these conversations from quite a lot people in the subway or bus, you do not have to feel weird about the thought that is there so many people in the city really have their own farms, or do they really so reach to buy someone else cars casually?

The answer is obvious negative. They just play some games on Social Network Sites (SNS) like

Why the SNS is so hot? What do people do on the SNS? And what are behind the abrupt fame?

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Since this kind of social phenomenon is so popular on the internet, people start thinking to remove it in the reality. And so far as we know, a farm land of this kind exist in Shanghai where it reaches its first base.

After playing the "happy farm" game on, would you like to put yourself among the real corps while smelling the fragrance of the countryside? Recently, a farm land service called "happy farm in reality" was opened in the suburbs of Shanghai where white-collar workers from around that region can experience the real farmer's life by themselves.

More story of "Weekday white-collars turn farmers at weekend"

15 major trends for Social Network Sites

According to foreign media reports, none of the Internet, marketing firms or traditional media is as popular as Social Network Sites (SNS). IDC predicted that the market scale of the corporate SNS product will reach 2 billion USD by 2012. Companies will have lagged behind if they fail to perform in the SNS market.

Meanwhile, SNS is a rapidly changing market. To break into the market, companies must understand the following 15 major development trends:

However, with the popularity of SNS during white-collars in cities, lots of problems and suspicion have been generated.

Could the happiness of SNS be successive?

Although the SNS could offer a new platform for social communication in theory, most users obviously do not want to benefit from it while mostly concentrating on the little games on it. By surveying the first thing you usually do on the, more than 70% of voters said they prefer to play the game of "stealing vegetable" firstly. It seems like the primary function of communication has been neglected more or less.[Detail]

Also, some other people, who have recognized the nature of SNS, not only expressed their worries about people's hooking up it, but also warned those people by:Get rid of SNS, and be psychic matureness

Kaixin does not make every user feel happy, and that upsets the SNS too. How to turn such SNS to be more beneficial and how to make people realize SNS is not the paradise which could neglect the reality is becoming the focus of attention gradually. Due to the social responsibility and conscience, both SNS and public should have to worry about the problem carefully.[More]

At the same time, it seems that peace and quiet are the most lacking things among the SNSes because of being alike expert for slight differences.

'Copycat' site sued for $1.4m

Oops! It is the time that we be hurry. But be careful! The thing should be how to complete our social communication ways and be benefited from them, but not whether it is the time we should go to "steal vegetables".

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