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Victims recount experience in riot in Lhasa

If all had gone according to plan, Mei Yan, scheduled to give birth in mid-March, would have been sleeping peacefully in her comfortable home.

Canadian tourists tell of atrocities by rioters in Lhasa

Three Canadian tourists who had been in Lhasa have told of the atrocities committed by rioters on Mar.14 in Lhasa, Tibet.

Lhasa riot out of conspiracy

Qiangba Puncog, Tibet Government chairman, said that the riot was out of conspiracy jointly made by domestic and overseas separatists.

Sabotage in Lhasa masterminded by Dalai clique

There had been enough evidence to prove that the sabotage was "organized, premeditated and masterminded" by the Dalai clique.

"A slap in face" to Paris itself

Some French media seem extremely excited with what happened in the torch relay in Paris. "Fiasco of torch relay in Paris", runs a super-sized headline of the daily newspaper Le Figaro.

Can "desire for peace" be voiced in such way?

The incident that occurred in Lhasa on March 14, has simply been a case of serious secessionist violence.

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