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16:14 Dec 15 2008

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Tibet: Past and Present
Some 400 pictures provide glimpses of the great changes that have taken place in Tibet over the decades.

·Tell you a true Tibet
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Editor Online>>>>
About 'Editor Online'
•The column "Editor Online" is designed for netizens who are interested in Tibet.

The editor resposible for this column is a zealous Tibetan. His name is Lalang Cairang, and he works for People's Daily Online.

You can submmit your questions at any time. Cairang will supply the answers as soon as possible.


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Tibetan Opera>>>
History of religions in Tibet >>>>
Monasteries in Tibet, a mysterious land known as the Roof of the World, harmonize well with the natural scenery, symbolizing the impact of religion on the local people.
Freedom of religious belief>>>>
After Tibet's peaceful liberation, the central government and autonomous regional governments at every level has always respected and protected the Tibetan people's freedom of religious belief according to the law.
Religious organizations>>>>

Over the long period of historical development, religious culture in China has become a component of traditional Chinese ideological culture. All religious organizations value the principle of making contribution in the service of society and people.

"The religious activities were interrupted by riot in March, but they all have been resumed as the whole region has come into peace," said Dadrak Tenzin Gelek, a living Buddha.
Monasteries had held religious events to pray for the peace of the world.
Potala Palace illuminated at Shoton festival in Lhasa\r\n \r\n
The Potala Palace, built in the 7th century, is on the world cultural heritage list. Norbu Lingka, which means "treasure park" in the Tibetan language, was the summer palace of the Dalai Lama. Sagya Monastery houses numerous classical books on Buddhism.
Tangka >>>>

Tangka is the Tibetan word for art images created on rolls of silk or satin. The art form recreates Tibetan anecdotes or folk customs and images of the Buddha. It's an art handed down over a thousand years. It's listed as a part of China's Cultural Heritage.

Tourist Policy
There are two main documents required for foreign tourists who want to travel in Tibet.

Tour routes
The unique natural environment of the Tibetan plateau give Tibet a strong cultural atmosphere.
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Bite & Sup>>>>
Food in Tibet differs in pastoral areas and agricultural areas.
Tibetan medicine is a vast and eminently "holistic" healing system in which the human body is considered to be based on the "five cosmic energies".
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