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Oversea readers: China must ban CNN

"China must not allow CNN to continue spreading lies, incite hatred against the Chinese and cause endless conflicts. Very clearly it is racist with ulterior motives," according to message left by People's Daily Online's reader named Paul.

Jack Cafferty, commentator for CNN's political program, The Situation Room, charged the Chinese people with a highly despicable assault by saying, "They (Chinese) are basically the same bunch goons and thugs they have been in the past fifty years,"

Many other readers also ask CNN to apologize for its disgusting humiliation of Chinese people and the government.

The message are as follows:

"CNN and its commentator have insulted chinese people and government. If they do not withdraw their disgusting comments and apologize to chinese people and government, they should not be allowed to operate in China, Hong Kong and Macao. "

"CNN should be banned from any news reporting on China and its owners should be asked to take those off from reporting news, not only on China. If they can insult China with immunity, they can insult any other country as well.The owners should be called to account and have these people sacked from their job. They tarnished news reporting and bring their CNN to disgrace. All upright Chinese everywhere must stand up for all the injustices done to us, including the false reporting of news and pictures on Tibet."

"Hey! Here in the US we don't like Jack Cafferty either. He never went to college, he used to do the weather- not news, he even ran over someone one time with his car in NY. "

By People's Daily

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