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《同一个世界 同一个梦想》
《Everyone Is No.1 》第一名属于每个人
《点燃激情 传递梦想》
《北京欢迎你》--Beijing Welcomes You
《千山万水》by Jay Chou
Songs from previous games >>
Pass the Flame (Athens 2004)
The Flame (Sydney 2000)
Reach (Atlanta 1996)
Barcelona (Barcelona 1992)
Hand in Hand (Seoul 1988)
Olympic MV
·Light the Passion, Share the Dream
·《十项全能》--Decathlon Omnipotence
·《中国队加油》--China Team,Come On!
Olympic Videos
Mascots for Beijing Olympics
Fuwa carrys a message of friendship and peace -- and blessings from China -- to children all over the world.
"Chinese Seal, Dancing Beijing"
Mascot of the 2008 Paralympic Games Fu Niu Lele
New Beijing and Great Olympics
Success of Application for 2008 Olympic Games
The Torch of the Beijing Olympic Games

Welcome to Beijing

One World One Dream

Public Civility

Olympic Volunteer

Charming Beijing

China Forever

2008 Paralympics

Olympics Needs Unity
Olympic Photos

Designs for medal ceremonies

Ornamental parterres

Olympic Award Uniforms

Hair, make-up for hostesses

Inside 2008 BIMC
Olympic Symbols
The Mascots of 2008 Olympic Games carry a message of friendship and peace--and blessings from China--to children all over the world.
The medal for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games is designed with inspiration coming from "bi", China's ancient jade piece inscribed with dragon pattern.
The Beijing Olympic Torch boasts strong Chinese characteristics, and showcases Chinese design and technical capabilities.

Athena and Phevos - Athens 2004

Syd, Olly and Millie - Sydney 2000

Olympic Torch - Seoul 1988

Olympic Medal - Atlanta 1996

Cobi - Barcelona 1992