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·Violin Concertos of "you and me" [08.08.12]
·Children chorus of "you and me" [08.08.12]
·MV of the theme song of the Beijing 2008 Olympics "you and me" [08.08.12]
·Chen Qigang, Liu Huan to chat online with netizans at PDO Music Studio [08.08.12]
·The them song for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games [08.08.09]
·Molihua (Jasmine Flower), sung by Song Zuying [08.08.06]
·《龙祥奥运》By Zhang Jindi [08.07.21]
·《赛场之歌》By Nie Yumei [08.07.21]
·《中国看见》By Xu Qianya [08.07.21]
·Wishing Star By David Huang [08.07.21]

·《天空》By Tan Jing [08.07.21]
·《在这里》By Sun Nan [08.07.21]
·《为生命喝彩》By Han Hong and Yu Quan [08.07.21]
·《同在蓝色星球上》 By Nicholas Tse and Joey Yung [08.07.21]
·《英雄》By Chris Yu [08.07.21]
·《爱在北京》 By Sun Nan [08.07.21]
·《一起飞》By Tan Jing and Yan Weiwen [08.07.21]
·《我们的梦》 By Wangfeng [08.07.21]
·One World One dream By Huang Xiaoming [08.07.21]
·《你我他 快参加》By Super Voice Girls and Happy Voice Boys [08.07.21]
Olympic Songs
《同一个世界 同一个梦想》
《Everyone Is No.1 》第一名属于每个人
Light the Passion, Share the Dream
《北京欢迎你》--Welcome to Beijing
《千山万水》by Jay Chou
Olympic Videos
One World One Dream
New Beijing and Great Olympics
2008 Beijing Olympic Medal
Olympics: Welcome to Beijing
"Chinese Seal, Dancing Beijing"
Olympic Photos
Qinhuangdao Olympic Sports Center Stadium
Designs for Olympic medal ceremonies unveiled
Robot Fuwa debut at Beijing Capital Airport
Olympic banknotes issued in Hong Kong
Olympic Award Uniforms Unveiled
Olympic Symbols
Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Medal
Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Torch
Seoul 1988 Olympic Torch
Cobi - mascot of the 1992 Olympic Games
Izzy - mascot of the 1996 Olympic Games