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Chaoyang Park 朝阳公园
17:25, July 17, 2008

The park, which lies in a busy part in the center of Chaoyang District, is accessible by a number of bus routes. It extends to Liangmaqiao Road in the north, Chaoyanggongyuan Road in the west, East 4thRing Road in the east, and Chaoyanggongyuan South Road in the south. It runs to 2.8 kilometers from north to south, and 1.5 kilometers from east to west and covers a total planned area of 2.78 square kilometers with an 87% greenery coverage rate, and 0.68-square-kilometer water-covered area. It is the largest park within the 4thRing Road. Built in 1984, it was fully opened to the public on Sept. 15, 2004.

The park is close to the embassy district and the central commercial area of Beijing. It is an international scenic spot that blends Chinese and western garden design and architecture, and that offers landscaping, leisure, cultural exchange, and scientific education.

Ecological stream and vale: It lies in the north part of the park. It is a natural vale between hills, where grow many kinds of water plants and such damp-resistant trees as metasequoias and weeping willows. At the source of the stream is a structure built of stones that makes it circulate so as to keep it from staling, thus saving water needed to refresh it. The pool thus formed also serves as the reservoir for the irrigation system.

Waterside Islet: It lies close to the Lotus Lake. It is a natural habitat for mallards, made up of a wooden platform, a membrane-structure pavilion, and a flower-dotted meadow. It is decorated with medium-sized and small sculptures embodying environmental and ecological protection. It shows the rustic charm of the park.

Art Square: It lies in the vicinity of the west gate of the park. As a spacious square, it consists of an elliptical fountain with a sunken center, two groups of oblong fountains, and sculptures. It suggests the scenery of the countryside of Vienna and exudes a rich artistic ambience.

Source of Life: Surrounded by large groves of trees, this is a scenic spot of some grandeur, with lush wood of trees planted on an undulating terrain, and five colored streams flowing out of the wood, which are dotted with signs of sports.

Sightseeing on the lake: Over 200 luxury yachts, speed boats, motorboats, and other boats sail to and fro across the lake. Nearby they look like lotuses, while at a distance they look like stars.

Amusements: The south of the park offers 21 thrilling large-scale forms of entertainment–rollercoaster, swift currents, super spaceship, universe trek, seven-color garden, Sony popular science garden, and pets garden–that are suitable for different ages.

BlueBay(Solana): This is a lifestyle shopping center in the northwest of the park that integrates shopping, exhibition, entertainment, food, and leisure. Covering an area of 150,000 square meters, it is a commercial block that features a lake-side bar street, Lishi Avenue, main-force shops, Liangma Food Street, Central Garden Plaza, Jinxiu City, half-slope ring road block, a fashion supermarket, wine boutiques, and SPA gym.

Cultural activities: In recent years, the park has been building itself into a 'culturally famous park' by sponsoring such cultural activities as Spring Festival-Chaoyang International Folk Customs Festival, Labor Day-Chaoyang Pop Music Week, National Day-Merry Garden Party. It has held many large-scale, greatly influential activities such as Thailand Folk Customs Festival, European Folk Customs Festival, Famous Breeds of Cats and Dogs Show, Beijing Chaoyang International Commerce Festival–International Business Vehicle Show, and Beijing 2008 Olympic Cultural Festival–Olympic Cultural Plaza.

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