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Regulations >>
China declares rules for watching Olympic Games
3 new subway lines to open before July 20
Olympic homestays open door to Beijing life
Beijing bans flying objects during Olympics
Tianjin airport to adopt special security checks
Traffic Bulletin >>
Railways expect 1st summer passenger peak
Beijing to adjust working hours for Olympics
Working hours changed for better, cleaner traffic
Smart road system to make Olympics green
39 detained by Beijing subway security check
Traffic Guide
·Special security checks adopted
·Smart road system launched
What to See
The Forbidden City
Or Palace Museum, a World Heritage site since 1987, still abounds with grandeur and wealth.
Tiananmen Square 天安门广场
The Summer Palace 颐和园
Cityscape recommendations for Beijing
Beijing's Underground City
Temple of Heaven (Tiantan--天坛)

Underground City

China Millennium Monument

Temple of Heaven

The Summer Palace

The Forbidden City

Hutongs in Beijing

Tiananmen Square

The Great Wall
Where to shop

Xiushui Street 秀水街

Antiques Street 琉璃厂文化街

Hongqiao Market 红桥市场

Yashow & New Yashow 雅秀

Panjiayuan Antique Market 潘家园
What to Eat
Chinese Cuisine
Chinese dishes appeal to the senses through color, shape, aroma and taste.
Hot and sour soup (Suanlatang--酸辣汤)
Zhajiang mian (Zajiangmian--炸酱面)
Peking Roast Duck (Kaoya--北京烤鸭)
Instant-boiled mutton (Suanyangrou--涮羊肉)
Guide to dining out in Beijing

Shandong Cuisine

Sichuan Cuisine 川菜系

Guangdong Cuisine 粤菜系

Fujian Cuisine 闽菜系

Jiangsu Cuisine 苏菜系

Zhejiang Cuisine 浙菜系

Hunan Cuisine 湘菜系

Anhui Cuisine 徽菜系