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Chinese medicinal cuisine

Chinese medicinal cuisine

Chinese medicinal cuisine is unique in China and has a long history. Sun Simiao, a leading Tang Dynasty doctor, once said, "Food has the function of eliminating evil influences and soothing the vital organs, cultivating one's mind and building up one's strength." In China, people contend that food tonic is much better than medicine tonic in fortifying one's health. Based on traditional Chinese herbal medicine practice, it combines strictly processed traditional Chinese medicine with traditional culinary materials to produce delicious food with health restoring qualities. To cook medicinal food, one has a large variety of fine materials to choose from and each material has its own unique flavor. Generally, processed herbal materials are more commonly used in order to avoid strong odors. However, individuals of different physical status need to select different herbs. The selection of herbs will depend on each individual's condition of health. Due to its herbal nature, it is better to take medicinal food according to the doctor's prescription.

In the cooking of medicinal food, slow cooking methods such as stewing, braising and simmering are usually used in order to extract more of the herbs' healing properties.

Typical medicine cuisine:

Baby Pigeon Stewed with Gouqi (Medlar) and Huangqi (Membranous Milk Vetch);
Pork Simmered with Lotus Seed and lily;
Pig's Kidney Stewed with Eucommia Bark.

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