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Application for a Visa in Beijing
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Special Needs in Civil Aviation Service
A Brief Introduction of Chinese Visa and the Procedure for Visa Application
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Interim Provisions on Import Taxes on Articles Taken Into China by Foreigners Permanently Residing in China
Law on Control of the Entry and Exit of Aliens
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Nationality Law of the People's Republic of China
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Events & Festivals
Double Seventh Festival
Chinese Valentine's Day (or "Qi Qiao Jie ") falls on the 7th day of the 7th month of the lunar calendar.
The Lantern Festival (元宵节)
Double Ninth Festival (重阳节)
Zhongyuan Festival (中元节)
Chushu (Limit of Heat--处暑)
ABC of Dragon Boat Festival
Ethnic Miao girls celebrate Sisters' Day

Chushu (处暑)

Qi Qiao Jie

Zhongyuan Festival

Sister's Day

Confucius Birthday

Double Ninth Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival

Spring Festival

Beijing Traffic

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A Dinner Invitation

"The Bicycle Kingdom"

The Olympic Games

Chinese Painting

Peking Opera

Beijing's Seasons

Chinese Cheongsam

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Useful phone numbers in Beijing
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Where can I find acupuncture places?
Where can I purchase Olympic coins?