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Foreign Embassies 3
18:40, July 15, 2008

Foreign Embassies p3


Royal Norwegian Embassy
Add: 1 Dongyijie, Sanlitun
Tel: 65322261/65321329/65322262

Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman
Add: 6 Liangmahe Nanlu
Tel: 65323692

Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Add: 1 Dongzhimenwai Dajie
Tel: 65322504/65322695

Embassy of the State of Palestine
Add: 2 Dongsanjie, Sanlitun
Tel: 65323241

Embassy of Papua New Guinea
Add: 2-11-2 Tayuan Diplomatic Office Building
Tel: 65324312/65324709

Embassy of the Republic of Peru
Add: 2-82 Sanlitun Diplomatic Office Building
Tel: 65322913/65323719

Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines
Add: 23 Xiushuibeijie, Jianguomenwai

Embassy of the Republic of Poland
Add: 1 Ritanlu, Jianguomenwai
Tel: 65321235/65321236/65321888

Embassy of the Republic of Portugal
Add: 8 Dongwujie, Sanlitun
Tel: 65323497/65323220/65323242

Embassy of the State of Qatar
Add: 2-9-2 Diplomatic Office Building , Tayuan
Tel: 65322231/65322232/65322233

Embassy of the Republic of Korea
Add: 3 Dongsijie, Sanlitun

Embassy of Romania
Add: Ritanlu Dongerjie

Embassy of the Russian Federation
Add: 4 Dongzhimen Beizhongjie
Tel: 65321381/65322051

Embassy of the Republic of Rwanda
Add: 30 Xiushuibeijie
Tel: 65322193/65321762

Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia
Add:1 Beixiaojie, Sanlitun

Embassy of the Republic of Sierra Leone
Add: 7 Dongzhimenwai Dajie
Tel: 65321222/65322174

Embassy of the Republic of Singapore
Add: 1 Xiushuibeijie, Jianguomenwai
Tel: 65323926/65323143

Embassy of the Slovak Republic
Add: Ritanlu, Jianguomenwai
Tel: 65321531

Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia
Add: 3-53 Jianguomenwai
Tel: 65326356/65326357

Embassy of the Somali Republic 
Add: 2 Sanlitun Road
Tel: 65321752

Embassy of Republic of South Africa
Add: 5 Dongzhimenwai Dajie
Tel: 65320171

Embassy of Spain
Add: 9 Sanlitun Road
Tel: 65323629/65321986/65323728

Embassy of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
Add: 3 Jianhualu, Jianguomenwai
Tel: 65321861/65321862


Embassy of the Republic of Suriname
Add: 1-3-31 Jianwai Diplomatic Compound 
Tel: 65322939/65322938

Embassy of Sweden
Add: 3 Dongzhimenwai Dajie
Tel: 65323331

Embassy of Switzerland
Add: 3 Dongwujie, Sanlitun
Tel: 65322736/65322737/65322738


Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic
Add: 6 Dongsijie,Sanlitun
Tel: 65321372/65321347


Embassy of the Republic of Tajikistan 
Add: 9-1-101 Tayuan Diplomatic Compound

Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania
Add: 8 Liangmahe Nanlu, Sanlitun
Tel: 65321491

Royal Thai Embassy
Add: 40 Guanghua Road
Tel: 65321903/65321980

Embassy of the Republic of Togo
Add: 11 Dongzhimenwai Dajie
Tel: 65322202/65322444

Embassy of the Tunisian Republic 
Add: 1 Sanlitun Dongjie
Tel: 65322435/65322436

Embassy of the Republic of Turkey
Add: 9 Dongwujie, Sanlitun
Tel: 65322650/65322871

Embassy of Turkmenistan
Add: 5-2-131, 5-2-132 Tayuan Diplomatic Compound
Tel: 65326975

Embassy of the Republic of Uganda
Add: 5 Sanlitun Dongjie

Embassy of Ukraine
Add: 11 Dongliujie, Sanlitun
Tel: 65326359/65326314

Embassy of the United Arab Emirates
Add: 1-9-1 Tayuan Diplomatic Office Building 
Tel: 65322112/65325085/65325083

Embassy of the United kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Add: 11 Guanghua Road

Embassy of the United States of America
Add: 3 Xiushuibeijie, Jianguomenwai
Tel: 65323831/65323431


Embassy of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay
Add: 2-7-2 Tayuan Diplomatic Office Building
Tel: 65324445/65324413

Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Add : 11 Beixiaojie, Sanlitun
Tel: 65326305

Embassy of the Republic of Venezuela
Add: 14 Sanlitun Road
Tel: 65321295/65322694

Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
Add: 32 Guanghua Road, Jianguomenwai


Embassy of the Republic of Yemen
Add: 5 Dongsanjie, Sanlitun
Tel: 65321558/65323394

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Add: 1 Dongliujie, Sanlitun
Tel: 65323516/65321693/65323016

Embassy of the Republic of Zambia
Add: 5 Dongsijie, Sanlitun
Tel: 65321554/65321778/65322058

Embassy of the Republic of Zimbabwe
Add: 7 Dongsanjie, Sanlitun



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