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·Lesson 2 The concept of family [08.07.15]
·Lesson 3 "The Bicycle Kingdom" [08.07.15]
·Lesson 4 Peking Opera [08.07.15]
·Lesson 5 Mandarin [08.07.15]
·Lesson 6 To ask for directions in Beijing [08.07.15]
·Lesson 7 Celebrating Spring Festival in China [08.07.15]
·Lesson 8 A Dinner Invitation [08.07.15]
·Lesson 9 The Imperial Palace [08.07.15]
·Lesson 10 Addressing a Chinese person [08.07.15]
·Lesson 11 Traditional Chinese Painting [08.07.15]

·Lesson 12 Beijing's Hutongs [08.07.15]
·Lesson 13 Beijing's Seasons [08.07.15]
·Lesson 14 Hou Hai Café and Bar Street [08.07.15]
·Lesson 15 Beijing Traffic [08.07.15]
·Lesson 16 How to Write a Résumé [08.07.15]
·Lesson 17 Children Often Have Unhealthy Snack Food [08.07.15]
·Lesson 18 Vehicles Ordered off Road for Olympics Drill [08.07.15]
·Lesson 19 Internet expanding in China's rural areas [08.07.15]
·Lesson 20 Chinese Cheongsam [08.07.15]
·Lesson 21 The Olympic Games [08.07.15]

·Lesson 1 Writing a letter [08.07.15]
Entry and Exist
A Brief Introduction of Chinese Visa and the Procedure for Visa Application
Regulations on Examination and Approval of Permanent Residence of Aliens in China
Visa Fee and Processing Time
Institutions Handling Visa Application
Contact Addresses and Telephone Numbers
Events & Festivals
Chushu (Limit of Heat--处暑)
Bailu (White Dew--白露)
Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节)
Confucius' Birthday 孔子诞辰
ABC of Dragon Boat Festival (端午节)
Ethnic Miao girls celebrate Sisters' Day
Learn Chinese
Lesson 4 Peking Opera (jingju--京剧)
Lesson 5 Mandarin (跟我学汉语)
Lesson 10 Addressing a Chinese person
Lesson 14 Hou Hai Café and Bar Street
Lesson 20 Chinese Cheongsam (旗袍)
Common Concerns
Most recommended restaurants in Houhai
Where can I find acupuncture places?
Where can I find 24-hour stores in Beijing?
How the athletes live during the Olympics?
Where can I find Siheyuan-style hotel to stay?
Do I need a drive permit to drive in China?