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·Traditional Chinese "Valentine's Day" celebrated with Olympic features [08.08.07]
·Chinese girls observe ancient custom ahead of Qixi Festival [08.08.06]
·Qingming Festival (清明节) [08.07.14]
·The Lantern Festival (元宵节) [08.07.14]
·Spring Festival (春节) [08.07.14]
·Laba Festival (腊八节) [08.07.14]
·Winter solstice (冬至) [08.07.14]
·Double Ninth Festival (重阳节) [08.07.14]
·Double Seventh Festival (4) [08.07.14]
·Double Seventh Festival (3) [08.07.14]

·Double Seventh Festival (2) [08.07.14]
·Double Seventh Festival (七夕节) [08.07.14]
·Zhongyuan Festival (中元节) [08.07.14]
·Chushu (Limit of Heat--处暑) [08.07.14]
·Bailu (White Dew--白露) [08.07.14]
·Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节) [08.07.14]
·Confucius' Birthday [08.07.14]
·ABC of Dragon Boat Festival (端午节) [08.07.14]
·Ethnic Miao girls celebrate Sisters' Day [08.07.14]
·Quake-hit areas celebrate Dragon Boat Festival [08.06.09]

·China Xinjiang Int'l Folk Dance Festival kicks off [08.06.09]
·7th Folk Culture Festival of the Korean Ethnic Group [08.06.09]
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Events & Festivals
Double Ninth Festival (重阳节)
Double Seventh Festival (七夕节)
Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节)
ABC of Dragon Boat Festival (端午节)
Ethnic Miao girls celebrate Sisters' Day
Learn Chinese
Lesson 6 To ask for directions in Beijing
Lesson 7 Celebrating Spring Festival in China
Lesson 10 Addressing a Chinese person
Lesson 11 Traditional Chinese Painting
Lesson 14 Hou Hai Café and Bar Street
Common Concerns
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