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Visa Extension
10:37, July 14, 2008

"L" visa extension


Travelers come to Beijing with "L" visa, if couldn't leave within the expiry of visa, may apply one extension with his/her valid passport, for the period not exceed one month.

Come to Beijing for visit relatives

Foreigners (persons having foreign nationalities) come to Beijing for visit relatives with "L" visa, should stay within the valid period of visa, if need to stay after this period, must process extension procedures to Exit & Entry Administration, Public Security Bureau in Beijing before the expiry of visa, with his/her passport and the following evidential materials:

Persons visit their parents of their spouse(maternal) grandparents children full brothers (sisters)uncles and aunts etc., should provide originals and copies of inhabitant registration cards ID cards of persons being visited, can extend for twice, each shouldn't exceed 3 months.

Children under 16 years must provide copies of foreign passport (resident evidence) of both or one of their parents.


Holding official letters of office of students abroad students' passports and residence permits, process it within the valid period of residence permits of students, for 90 days per extension.

Critical patients

Bring with medical certificates of critical condition provided by hospitals to apply for extension.

Foreigners among intermarriage between Chinese and foreigners.

Chinese citizens' foreign spouses must provide marriage certificates originals and copies of inhabitant registration cards ID cards of their Chinese spouses, can extend for three times, and not exceed 3 months each time. Continuing apply for extension after stay over one year, must submit a written application (state the situation of house marriage and economy etc.), and can extend for twice, and not exceed 6 months for each time. If stay in Beijing over 2 years and still apply for extension, through approval can apply foreigners' temporary residence permits, the expiry of which not exceed one year, the temporary residence permits can apply twice extensions, each time can not exceed one year. After expiry of extension of residence permits, if continually extension is required, can reissue the residence permits.
Dependents of embassy officials

The dependents of embassy officials, must provide the letters of embassy to apply visas.

Extension of "F" visa

Foreigners being invited to Beijing for undertake activities like short term visit investigations lectures business scientific & technological and cultural exchange and short-term advanced studies practice etc., should holding "F" (visiting) visa for entry, and stay within the resident period of visa, which countered from the date of entry, if still need to stay when exceed the resident period, should process visa extension application procedures to Exit & Entry Administration, Public Security Bureau in Beijing before the expiry, the times of extension is not limited, but each time extension shouldn't exceed 3 months, the accumulated resident period not exceed one year. When request visa extension application, must provide the following evidential materials:

1. One's valid passport and visa;

2. Host units' official letters (if hosted by independent investment joint venture and foreign investment enterprises the whole-people collective and joint stock companies etc., must also provide originals and copies of duplicate of "Business License");

3. Adding the official seal of the unit when fill out "Application Form for Visa Residence Permit", and stick a recent, two in., bareheaded, full-faced photo.

Source: Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, October 20, 2006

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