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Special Needs in Civil Aviation Service
09:40, July 14, 2008

Unaccompanied Minor

"Unaccompanied Minor" is a new item of civil aviation service, by which children can travel by air by themselves. Unaccompanied minors are the children who have reached 5 years of age and have not reached 12 years of age and will travel by air by themselves.

Since "unaccompanied Minor" was brought forth, the airlines in China have transported tens of thousands children. It greatly conveniences the parents who are busy working and whose children have to take planes and saves a lot for the parents who should have accompanied their children. It produced so much favorable comment from all circles of society. Every vacation, the alone-air-travel of the child passengers has become particular scenery.

Special Passenger

Passengers disabled or ill must get doctor's approvals and present triplicated certificates of diagnosis, which should list clear indication of the state of illness. The certificate should be signed by doctor and sealed by hospital.

The certificate diagnosis written 96 hours before departure is valid. If the patient passenger's condition is bad, the limited time should be 48 hours before departure.

Pregnant Woman

Women pregnant for or less than 32 weeks can be treated as general passengers, except diagnosed by doctor unsuited for traveling by air.

Women pregnant more than 32 weeks must present the certificate diagnosis written by doctor in 72 hours, sealed by the carrier appointed hospital, and signed by the doctor of this hospital.

Women, whose expected date of childbirth within 4 weeks or uncertain, and who will have multiple births or intending to come on labor complications, are unacceptable.?

Source: english.gov.cn October 20, 2006

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