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Primary School Education

In China, primary school starts at the age of six. Because it is compulsory, no tuition fees are charged, but students still need to pay for textbooks and other small expenses, usually a few hundred RMB per year.

Chinese primary school usually last 6 years. Students study Chinese, mathematics, science, foreign languages, social morality and music. There are more than 400,000 primary schools with 120 million students in China. The enrollment rate is about 98%.

Because they are compulsory, most primary schools in China are public. Students usually attend the school closest to their home. The Ministry of Education P.R.C. is working on improving the learning environment of some schools with poor conditions. The aim is to provide equal access to education for all students. The government is also trying to concentrate students in low-density rural areas. It's hoped the move will help provide a higher level of education by teaching these children in central boarding schools with excellent conditions.


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