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People's Daily Online Olympic Highlights
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17:15, August 19, 2008

25 sections, 10 languages, and 29 forms - these constitute all the coverage of the Olympic Games as presented by People's Daily Online.

The Beijing Olympic Games is a fierce battle for news by the Internet media. As the key national news website, People's Daily Online planned ahead and implemented a strategy precisely and thoroughly. On January 30th, in Beijing, People's Daily Online held a press conference for the Olympics strategy, announcing its slogan - "With the People, We Share the Olympics" - and setting its reporting principle as "Global Vision, People Participation." On July 29th, just 10 days before the opening ceremony, the new Olympic version of the website (2008.People's Daily Online) was launched. On August 6th, the first day of the Olympic torch relay in Beijing, People's Daily Online started its Olympic theme section with heated Olympic reports on its home page earlier than other websites.

Utilize the vantage point of A Newspaper-website Group to establish an authentic brand

People's Daily Online, fully utilizing the advantages and resources of People's Daily, is an effective integration of the newspaper and the website. The website cooperates with the newspaper and People's Daily overseas edition, and has attracted a lot of readers and netizens (internet users). During the Olympic Games, in addition to dispatching a large number of its own outstanding journalists, People's Daily Online also makes the most of the paper's Olympic Reporting squad, consisting of 78 certificated journalists as well as journalists in other countries. People's Daily Online manages to release on the minute Olympic updates and releases Olympics commentary from international leaders, citizens and the global media. People's Daily Online also organizes a collection of reports written by People's Daily Olympic journalists. Senior journalists are invited to write sports commentaries for the website and act as guest speakers on the website's original series called "Taste of Olympics," where Olympic events and stories behind them are shared and discussed.

Bring advantages in commentary planning and global vision into play

The website is consistent with People's Daily's tradition of commentary. It has also developed its own original commentary style. Since August 1st, People's Daily Online has been publishing its headline "Commentary on Olympic Games" on a daily basis. Its Olympic commentaries are based on sophisticated concepts, and visualize positive pictures. All these characteristics have made the commentary section eye catching among the Olympic reports on People's Daily Online.

Great attention is paid to headline planning. People's Daily Online has had a daily headline plan since the beginning of the Games, with "dreams come true" as the theme. The headline planning is basically focused on athletes' performance during and after their events, integrated with the efforts made by China to host a successful Olympic Games. It is intended to highlight China's image as a great nation demonstrated by the Olympics, with a clear main line and diverse details.

A global vision. The website maintains blogs of embassies in China, blogs of the International Youth Camp and blogs of overseas Chinese organizations. It also updates versions in ten languages, as well as columns like "Olympic Games in Foreign Journalists' Eyes." These all reflect the global significance of the Olympic Games and vividly demonstrate the Olympic slogan "One world, one dream."

Utilize new media advantages and implement promotion and alliance actively

Compared with traditional media, People's Daily Online plays full to its advantages as a new medium. It provides netizens with comprehensive Games information. In its new Olympic edition, the website emphasizes global vision and active participation. The content is categorized into news section, comment section, interactive section, multi-media section, and information section, which include a total of 25 sub-sections. Three interactive columns are launched. They are namely "I talk about the Olympics" (comments), "I blog about the Olympics" (writing), and "I capture the Olympics" (photography). The website is available for access in various languages, including simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, and Arabic. Also available are languages for Chinese ethnic minorities, including Hangul, Tibetan, and Mongolian. The whole website embraces the slogan "One world, one dream" and the idea of "The Green Olympics, the Scientific Games, and the People's Olympics."

People's Daily Online shows its Internet characteristics and provides comprehensive news and reports on the Olympics in 29 channels, including news flashes, live images and articles, scrolling news, photos, live audio news and reports, live video reports, blogs, podcasts, diggs, messages, comments, special programs, specialized topics, forums, mobile phone pictures, mobile phone video, mobile phone blogs, mobile newspapers, SMS, solicited articles, live interviews, guessing games, surveys, voting, animations, and games in major foreign languages and the languages of Chinese ethnic minorities.

In addition, People's Daily Online is active in seeking cooperation with other media and organizations to extend its news coverage. During the Olympic Games, the website works with local newspapers, TV stations, specialized websites and the like to share and exchange Olympic information and news in the form of articles, pictures, audio and video. The website also opened up its blog group called "The Alliance," which shares and exchanges its view on the Olympics with cooperating cities, volunteer organizations, colleges and universities, embassies in China, overseas Chinese people, overseas Chinese media and the International Youth Camp.

By People's Daily Online

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