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Full text of FM press conferences (2012.11.30-12.4)

(People's Daily Online)

16:29, December 07, 2012

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei held a press conference on December 4, 2012. (Photo/ Foreign Ministry of China)

>>>> FM press conference on Dec. 4 (Full Text)

The DPRK announced its plan to launch a satellite on December 1. The Chinese side said it was communicating and coordinating with relevant parties over this issue. Can you tell us more details? [Read More]

Some countries already began discussions on possible sanctions against the DPRK if it goes ahead with its satellite launch. What is China's comment? [Read More]

It is reported that a hydroelectric dam built by China in Pursat Province of Cambodia incurred partial collapse on December 1, leaving some missing. Please brief us on the latest development and the work China has done. [Read More]

>>>> FM press conference on Dec. 3 (Full Text)

It is reported that Peña Nieto swore in as President of Mexico on December 1. What is China's comment? [Read More]

Israeli officials reportedly said that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had decided to build 3,000 new settlement units in East Jerusalem and the West Bank as a response to Palestine's observer state status in the UN. What is China's comment? [Read More]

Does China regard the DPRK's announcement of satellite launch as a violation of relevant UN Security Council resolutions? [Read More]

>>>> FM press conference on Nov. 30 (Full Text)

It is reported that the Singaporean police recently arrested four Chinese bus drivers who went on strike in Singapore. They may face charges of "illegal strike". How does China react? [Read More]

It is reported that South Africa's Supreme Court of Appeal ruled recently that the South African government's delay of granting visa to Dalai last year was illegal. What is China's comment? [Read More]

How does China see its current relations with India? [Read More]

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