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Chinese communities in LatAm back China's sovereignty over Diaoyu Islands


09:42, November 04, 2012

PANAMA CITY - Chinese communities in Panama, Honduras and other Latin American countries Friday expressed their support for China's sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands.

Representatives of the Chinese communities in Latin American countries, who met in Panama City Thursday, said they favor a peaceful solution to the territorial dispute that acknowledges China's sovereignty over the islands.

Retired Gen. Mario Hung Pacheco, president of the Association of Chinese Descendants in Honduras, said the meeting in Panama aimed to promote peaceful negotiation with a view of averting armed conflicts.

Sergio Lay, president of the China Association in Panama, said, "We have proof from documents and also books" that date back centuries ago to support China's sovereignty.

"China is a country that loves peace," said Lay, adding China is "using all the diplomatic means at its disposal to find a solution."

Japan's stance on the matter offends all Chinese people, said Lay.

Alfonso Tu, another representative of Panama's Chinese community, believed Japan's position disregards the history of the Diaoyu Islands and has incurred protests from the local Chinese community.

China's sovereignty over the islands has been well established for hundreds of years and cannot be denied, said Julio Yao, a Panamanian professor of Chinese descent at the State University of Panama.

He noted that reason, law and history are all on China's side and that Japan's claims are groundless. Most viewed commentaries

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