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Cancellation of Japan-U.S. joint drill does not mean showing weakness

(People's Daily Online)

16:56, November 01, 2012

After consultation, Japanese Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and Defense Minister finally cancelled the Japan-U.S. joint islands-seizing drill originally scheduled to be held on the island south of Okinawa on Oct. 26 due to the opposition of local people on the one hand and in order to avoid over-provoking China on the other hand, CCTV reported.

The islands-seizing drill is part of a large-scale joint military exercise to be held by Japan and the United States in November. It is a demonstration of Japan and the United States against China and had attracted attention of the world and caused controversy.

However, it is wishful thinking to regard it as a sign of showing the white feather. In addition to the rape incident committed by U.S. soldiers not long ago, which has provoked the new round of anti-American and anti-war wave, Japan and the United States are implementing and strengthening the islands defending measures and Americanized Japan Self-Defense Forces especially the Ground Self-Defense Force are increasingly strengthening the landing combat forces.

Though the islands seizing drill was canceled in reality, it will be carried out on computer. In addition, the company stationed in Ainoura base of Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture held an islands seizing drill with rubber dinghies on Oct. 24, with Japanese Defense Minister Satoshi Morimoto stressing the importance of "defending islands" at the admonitory talk. In the 2013 financial budget application published last month, 2.5 billion yen is used to purchase four amphibious AAV-7s produced by the United States.

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