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Beijing embraces Russian guests with culture, change, charisma


08:18, October 31, 2012

MOSCOW, Oct. 30 (Xinhua) -- "My youngest son and his wife opened their mouths in surprise at the Beijing airport and could not close them until the end of the trip," recalling his family's recent travel to Beijing, Yuri Nagornyak laughed with joy.

Nagornyak was among the 200 Russians invited by the Chinese government to visit Beijing during the National Day holidays in October.

Fifty Beijing families hosted their Russian guests, embracing them with the immersion of traditional Chinese culture, tastes of oriental lifestyles and eye-catching changes of the capital city.

As a member of the Russian State Duma Russia-China Committee and executive secretary of the parliamentary group "Friendship with China," China has always been a keyword for Nagornyak.

Though he's been to China several times, this time, together with family members, Nagornyak expected his children to feel the country for themselves.

"They touched China not as something abstract and far away. They saw one city but felt the spirit of the whole country. They saw people and knew how they live, what their real lives were," Nagornyak said.

Nagornyak's sons were "deeply touched" by the Great Wall and the strength behind it, he said. "The Great Wall reflects Chinese people's diligence and creativity. Such a creation could not appear in any other place," Nagornyak said.

Like Nagornyak, it was not the first China tour for Alexander Smirnov, but this time, his portrait of the country became more vivid.

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