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Japanese military drill nothing but 'empty talk'

(People's Daily Online)

08:03, October 30, 2012

The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force has recently implemented a war game simulation on the Diaoyu Islands conflict and announced "inspiring" result: Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force "defeated" two fleets of the People's Liberation Army with “slight loss”. The news is greatly hyped by Japanese media and Japanese right-wing forces are even more excited, believing that China will surely be defeated once a naval war breaks out between China and Japan.

Facing the farce, Chinese military experts said it just a "wishful thinking" of Japan and can be said a modern version of "empty talk." Any person with a little military common sense knows that the war game simulation is only a scenario and is different from an actual combat. Does Japan take into consideration the power of China's missiles once a combat really breaks out between China and Japan on the sea?

Why does Japan ignore the firm determination and willpower of China to maintain its territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests, the indifference of international community to its policy of allying several countries against certain country and the ever-decreasing approval rating of the people, but recklessly monger the rumor that "Japan will win while China will loss?"

There are several reasons.

Firstly, it may encourage and embolden the right-wing forces in Japan. Japan's spreading the "result" of the war game simulation is not helpful to the solution of the Diaoyu Islands issue. Instead, it will encourage arrogance of the right-wing forces and induce rabid emotion, triggering a military conflict.

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