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Japan's heavy input in Diaoyu Islands futile

(Global Times)

08:58, October 29, 2012

Japan decided on Friday to urgently purchase additional hardware, including 1,000-ton patrol vessels and helicopters that can fly in rough weather, in light of the normalization of patrol and law enforcement missions by Chinese ships in waters around the Diaoyu Islands. The procurement signals that maritime confrontation between the two countries could continue to escalate.

But China won't be frightened. Japan's provocative moves, including "nationalizing" the Diaoyu Islands, have shaken up the situation. China is bound to deal with Japan's provocation with a brand-new attitude that won't be changed, regardless of how high Japan raises the stakes.

If the two countries engage in a confrontation based on strength over the island issue, Japan is destined to lose; Chinese society is confident on this. Japan's ludicrous "nationalization" move stirred up unprecedented counterstrikes by China. If Japan becomes more aggressive over the Diaoyu Islands issue, the countermeasures from China will only grow stronger.

The normalization of Chinese law enforcement and patrol missions near the Diaoyu Islands has changed the political reality of this issue. Chinese maritime surveillance ships have entered the 12-nautical-mile zone around the Diaoyu Islands, which has already broken down Japan's so-called control of the islands.

Japan must behave more cautiously in the future. The increase of Japanese forces in this area will inevitably lead to greater input from the Chinese side. If Japanese dare land on the islands at will, they need to prepare for further action by China. Chinese law enforcement personnel may land and catch those infringing on Chinese territory. Japan should not think such a day is far away.

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